Renovations are larger projects focused on modernizing entire spaces. They require a well-organized design. Renovations will usually require multiple contractors who provide different services to bring your project to completion. A collaborative approach amongst all trades involved is key in order to minimize repetitions and inefficiencies.

Retrofits usually redefine smaller areas. They usually require one trade to alter existing equipment to bring your project up-to-date on a smaller scale.

Below are some essential things to consider for your renovation or retrofitting project:


The decision to make updates, renovations or retrofits can add great value to your present home. However, renovations can reveal hidden surprises that may incur more expenses than were initially expected. It’s always a good idea to have a contingency fund to go along with your budget should anything need more attention than was originally planned for.

Advance Planning

Getting electrical services to the area of your renovation can be challenging, so plan well in advance, especially if your goal is a whole home renovation and the strategy is to tackle one room at a time. Providing resources for the future can save a lot of expense and time as you move forward. As such, consider installing an electrical panel in an area that will be accessible for future renovations.

Recommendations and Options

Whether your project involves structural, cosmetic changes, or just electrical updating, your electrical contractor can help by providing options to retrofit, replace, relocate, or change the existing outlets in your home. Depending on the scope of the job, most aspects can be completed with minimal disruption.

Coordinating Contractors

In addition, coordinating installations with other contractors will help minimize disruption to existing surfaces. Mechanical tradesmen will make openings in walls or ceilings which other tradesmen or technicians can use as an access point to route wiring, plumbing, automation services or vice versa. A well-planned project will lead to a smooth transition that will ultimately bring your ideas to completion.

Calculating Electricity Needs

TriCity Electrical can help you calculate what you need based on the size of your home as well as the equipment in your home.

Assessing your Electrical Service Panel

Sizing your circuits according to the load is another very important thing to consider during renovations. Adding more load to your electrical system as you renovate your kitchen, or mechanical equipment may require you to upgrade your (existing) electrical system. Make sure to check how many available circuits your electrical panel has because there may be a need to add an extra panel to contain more circuits that your new kitchen requires.

If you’re concerned about your electrical panel or the condition it’s in, there are options available to repair rather than replace the existing panel. If you’re constantly resetting circuit breakers or replacing fuses, it may be the circuit needs attention and the breaker is doing exactly what it’s supposed to. If your main breaker or main fuses are occasionally requiring resetting or replacing, it means your electrical service size is too small. Or if your panel is making annoying buzzing sounds it’s in need of repair or replacement. A close look by an electrician can solve issues and answer some unknown questions or concerns.

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Wiring for New Devices

Devices can be an easy retrofit provided there is enough room in the device box to accept the new device. Dimmer switches, which are devices that vary the brightness of lighting, are available in many different styles.

The latest technology, Wi-Fi devices, are programmable to work in ways that the wiring in your home won’t allow without running new wires. Although Wi-Fi devices are much more expensive than standard devices, they can save some cost in your budget if you don’t have to repair ceilings or walls in order to get the wiring where you need it.

New Light Fixtures

New light fixtures typically add more character to a living space in addition to providing better light spread. There are endless possibilities and cost-effective options for updating your rooms by changing just a few things, which will redefine your home quickly.

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Choosing the Right Electrician

When preparing for your renovation or retrofit be sure that you select an electrical contractor that is licenced by the Electrical Safety Authority and applies for a permit in order to get the necessary inspections needed as your project moves from start to finish.

Inspection Certificate

Be sure to ask for a copy of the final inspection certificate, as it’ll come in handy should you decide to sell your home in the future as home inspectors always ask for a copy.

We’d be happy to meet with you to discuss your renovation needs as well as provide options to help make your vision and ideas come to life!