Pot lights are available for new construction and renovation retrofits. Here are some tips for installing pot lights:

New Construction Pot Lights: When a ceiling is being exposed, the new construction pot lights are the best option as they can fit into spaces without compromising insulation or vapour barriers. They’re supported by the structure of the home and can be installed quickly without issues.

Renovation Pot Lights: Renovation pot lights can be installed and supported by the existing drywall, but the challenge with them is that you have to investigate what may be above the drywall to make room for the components of the lights—you don’t want to make any unnecessary holes or damages to a ceiling, which will only contribute to a larger renovation task.

Routing Wires

Also, routing wiring from one pot light to another will require some planning and coordination with the other aspects of your project.

Bright Idea—Crown Moulding: One idea to consider is to install crown moulding in the room’s perimeter. This will allow your electrician to make use of the cavity behind the trim to run and fish wiring to the locations of your lighting or outlets. It will also allow your electrician to make small openings in the corners where the wall meets the ceiling to route the wiring vertically as well as horizontally in the room. It’s also a great way to investigate any obstacle that may be in the joist space so you can design lighting fixture locations to align with your overall vision.

Selecting the Right Pot Lights

Selecting the right pot light for the job that will fit with your décor is very crucial in a renovation decision. We can help you to make the right choice for you.

Retrofitting Out-dated Pot Light Trim

Older and dated pot light trims can be retrofitted with newer style trims that will accept LED lamps. This is a great option if you have an older home with pot lights that no longer work with your updated décor and aren’t considering a renovation. Perhaps a new colour of paint and new furniture, or cleaning up your receptacles, switches and lighting, is all your room needs.